Uses for Smart Keypad Door Locks

Stop worrying about unlocked doors, unsafe spare keys, and lock re-keying while also making your property safer.

House locked you out? No backup key? It occurs. Even two international leaders were left waiting outside the White House due to locked doors. Do not, under any circumstances, down your chimney like this keyless Nevadan who made local headlines by doing so. Speak to a locksmith! And last, use a smart keypad door lock to permanently resolve the issue.

You won’t ever be locked out again, and the technique will make your door much more secure. Let’s examine crime trends, the potent capabilities of smart door locks, and some door-related security advice for homes to help clarify.

Smart door locks prevent blunders and theft from happening frequently

You could be tempted to leave an extra key outside, most likely next to your front door, if you’ve previously been locked out of your home.

You have received a warning from police departments around the nation: don’t. Criminals are already aware of where to look, and many prefer to enter through the front door. In its most recent report, the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting Program recorded almost 1.1 million burglaries. Additionally, a Bureau of Justice Statistics research found that front doors were used as the site of entry in more than a third of residential burglaries.

Even if it should go without saying, closing and locking doors is essential. More than one-third of burglars entered residences without using force, according to the FBI.

Even so, it’s simple to forget to lock the door when you’re late for work or distracted by other issues. And even the most watchful folks might live with less watchful neighbors. But a smart door lock aids you in maintaining the security of your home with features that:

  • Allow you to remotely lock and unlock your door.
  • Notify you when a door locks, unlocks, or is left open for an extended period of time.
  • Remove the need for spare keys and the requirement to replace your locks.
  • Control locks (and other smart home devices) automatically in accordance with preset guidelines.
  • Assist you in keeping track of when and who enters your home.

When you let go of that old deadbolt, you can say goodbye to your spare key and hello to peace of mind. Smart door locks with keypads make it simple to control access and difficult to get locked out of the house.

The Smart Door Lock is a masterwork in applying contemporary technology to solve challenges from the past. It can replace traditional lock and key methods because it is wireless and keyless. It is a suitable DIY addition to any of our smart home security systems and mounts to your door just as effortlessly as a typical lock does.

Even better, our smart keypad door locks enable door control with a button press or PIN entry. For a lock, you may actually add up to 25 distinct codes—one special “key” for each friend, member of your family, and frequent visitor—and you can remove this access at any moment.

Even if the lock’s batteries run out, you have several options for unlocking your door. With just four common AA batteries, the energy-efficient technology offers around a year’s worth of typical use (and the system notifies you when they are running low). Don’t worry, though, if you forget to change the batteries. Touching a 9-volt battery to two terminals that are right below the touchscreen will activate your smart door lock. After that, you can use your PIN to enter doors regularly.

How home automation and other smart features help you thwart intruders (and more)

Intelligent door locks are more than just practical. They can also assist you with maintaining vigilance over your house. With immediate notifications through text, email, or an app, you’ll be informed of:

  • When a door closes and opens (or remains unlocked for too long).
  • Who uses PIN codes and when.
  • When a person you’re expecting, such as your children, a babysitter, or a housekeeper, is late.

You are free to select how many or how few of these notifications you receive. You’ll be able to respond right away if something appears strange by locking doors, resetting PIN codes, or checking on other smart home appliances like security cameras.

Even while you’re preoccupied with other things, you can still easily safeguard your property with our keypad door locks. You can program your smart lock and other devices to operate in accordance with your own set of rules, such as the time of day, the status of your security system, the activity of other smart devices, and your proximity to your home (as determined by the GPS on your phone).

You may use scenes to set your door to automatically lock at certain times of the day, such as before bed, before you leave for work, or when your kids are usually home alone. Furthermore, you may even control numerous smart devices at once, such as turning on your lights and unlocking your doors in response to an alarm from a smoke or heat sensor. Eliminate weak points in your home security system to improve the performance of even the best smart locks.

You won’t ever have to worry about leaving the door unlocked again if you use a smart keypad door lock. However, take into account these door safety suggestions if you want to make your house even more secure:

  • Pick a sturdy door. The best materials are solid-core or metal-reinforced wood. 
  • Cover any decorative glass with grilles (or replace it with break-resistant material). 
  • Lock a deadbolt every time. Handle-mounted locks could be flimsy or simple to get around. 
  • Trim plants to make your front entrance visible to neighbors. 
  • Install dazzling, impervious-to-vandalism security lighting above and beyond your door. 
  • Install smart doorbell cameras that are motion-activated.

In the end, the security of your home as a whole includes more than just smart door locks. If you want to detect things like an open door or window, shattering glass, garage door access, and motion, you’ll require intrusion sensors.