The Benefits of Wireless Outlets for Your Home

Smart plugs allow you to maintain your favorite appliances while taking use of the best aspects of home automation.

Many home appliances have intelligent alternatives: Smart toasters, smart toilets, “wireless” mousetraps, and, surprisingly, a tray that alerts you when eggs are ready to go bad are all available. But what if you only want to extend the useful life of an already-purchased appliance, such as a table or floor lamp?

You might choose a dimmable, energy-efficient smart light bulb. A smart plug is a terrific alternative for folks who enjoy home automation yet like their current lighting. Let’s take a look at some ways you can make your home safer, smarter, and a little more pleasant, as well as how a smart, remote light switch can help you turn practically any pluggable gadget on or off.

A smart plug: what is it? It provides “dumb” devices new life and functionalities. 

Consider it a sort of middleman: Your corded light fixture is connected to a conventional wall socket by a smart plug, which controls the flow of electricity in response to wireless signals.

Your less intelligent appliances can be automated with ease with Ajax’s Socket. It has two crucial components: a “Z-Wave” receiver and transmitter that can wirelessly turn the gadget on or off, and an energy consumption counter.

You only need to plug in the switch, insert your lamp or other device into the socket, and add the switch to your system because we have already configured your smart light switch to work with the hub in your smart home. That’s it. After that, the Ajax App will allow you to control the appliance from any digital device—a smartphone, tablet, or computer. Using commands sent to a smart speaker, you may also operate wired appliances on a schedule or even in response to pre-programmed actions like opening a door or pulling into your driveway.

Why using a wireless light switch can be calming, cost-effective, and more 

We use Z-Wave, a crucial wireless technology for home automation, to control our remote light switch. It is somewhat similar to Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, but differs in ways that make it simpler to create the smart home you want on your own.

You can simply operate practically any device with a smart security system, including smart thermostats, doorbell cameras, blinds, and water shutoff valves. The best aspect is that you can handle all of them simultaneously and even automatically. For instance, setting up a “scene” in the app enables you to turn off all of your home’s wireless light switches when:

  • Normally, you depart for work.
  • You leave the driveway (if you set up a virtual fence around your home).
  • Motion is detected by a motion sensor.
  • You can arm or disarm your home security system.

Smart light switches become effective home automation tools because of scenes. And they can be used for much more than just floor and table lamps. If it plugs into a regular outlet, a wireless light switch can undoubtedly turn it on or off, from TVs to air purifiers.

Here are just a few instances of how outdated gadgets can be improved by smart homes: 

Using remote light switches to reduce energy consumption

It’s often surprising how energy-efficient modern lightbulbs are. However, some people prefer the warmth and aesthetic of conventional lights, despite the 25–80% increase in power consumption. In either case, you’ll save money on your electricity bill owing to a “lights off” scene that shuts off all of your floor and table lamps as you leave your house.

Getting you to unwind

You need to relax after a long day at work. You’ve fortunately already established an “after work” scene. When you return home, the TV, humidifier, and a few soothing lighting are already on or turn on with the touch of a button.

Enabling a hands-free approach

When you open your kitchen cabinet, the LED strip within is illuminated because of a strategically placed door/window sensor. As you approach your favorite chair in your reading corner, a motion sensor in the area activates a few lamps. You can turn your lights on or off with just a flick of the wrist by integrating smart light switches with clever sensors. 

Getting things crossed off your to-do list

Your loved ones may feel a little safer thanks to smart homes and remote light switches. 

You may profit from smart home technology while keeping your current equipment by using wireless light switches. They can even assist in protecting your family and house thanks to their limitless customizability:

  • By creating scenes that periodically turn lights, radios, and/or TVs on and off while you’re away, you can confuse intruders. 
  • Give senior family members a way to shut off electronics without having to climb stairs.
  • When an environmental hazard sensor senses danger, you can safely flee potentially life-threatening situations by turning on the lights and unlocking a smart door lock.